Trilogy 933

3000 €

Amplificador de Referencia para Auriculares


The task of moving the delicate membrane of a headphone driver is a very different to energising the reactive complex impedance of a multi driver loudspeaker. With much less mass to move and without the masking of listening environment and room interaction, the small signal integrity of an amplifier becomes even more critical than that of a regular power amplifier.

A different approach to design is required. This has led us to a very different solution to most accessory mass market offerings.

The Trilogy 933 is a clean sheet design with the same natural presentation and vibrant musicality found in our award winning pre and power amplifiers. Its a subtle, but crucial distinction: we like to think of the Trilogy 933 as an amplifier for headphones, not a headphone amplifier.

Size (933 Amplifier)  150*220*38 (W*D*H)
 Size including connectors (933 Amplifier)  150*235*38 (W*D*H)
 Weight (933 Amplifier)  1.8 Kg
 Size (PSU)  132*225*57 (W*D*H)
 Weight (PSU)  2.85 Kg
 Packaged Size (combined)  330*290*195
 Packaged Weight (combined)  5.7 Kg
 Power consumption  22 Watts
 Inputs  2 Stereo line 4 RCA phono sockets
 Input Impedance  ≥20KOhms
 Gain (max)  19dB
 Frequency response  15-120KHz +/- 0.5dB
 Output impedance  ≤ 3 Ohms
 Output Power

 800mW into 300 Ohms
 250mW into 60 Ohms

Distortion (THD) ≤ 0.05% 10mW into 300 Ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥ 85dB A Weighted
 Phase  Phase correct (non inverting)
Fabricante: Trilogy