Crayon CFA-1.2

5000 €

Amplificador Integrado de Referencia con Fono MM / MC (V 4.00)

Clean, defined sound, elegant design, significant materials: the CFA-1.2 NATURAL ALUMINIUM is a well rounded package for everybody that doesn’t want to compromise when it comes to sound.

The CFA-1.2 NATURAL ALUMINIUM is a stereo amplifier with high tech board – and circuit-design in a classic aluminium casing.
High quality, machined surfaces, timeless design and the authentic audioplayback quality render the CFA-1.2 NATURAL ALUMINIUM a outstanding and individual product.

Compact insides, elegant surface:

The CFA-1.2 NATURAL ALUMINIUM features a distinct chassis made of milled aluminium that protects and stabilizes the electronic components and doubles as a heat exchanger to divert the heat produced by the amplifying circuits

Precisision made quality

Modern circuit board design as well as broadband decoupling of supply voltage frequencies up to 1GHz guarantee extremely high electric stability and minimize electromagnetic interferences.

Love for music combined with technical finesse

The setup with various controls as well as a ergonomic remote control lead to maximum usability and top off the overall package of the CFA-1.2 NATURAL ALUMINIUM as a well designed unit that ensures maximum enjoyment when listening to music.

A special feature is the ability to adjust software loudness to speaker efficiency, ensuring smooth and progressive volume behaviour. Each input can be adjusted to its source (CD-Player, DAC, Tuner, Phono etc) in 2dB steps.

Additional features of the CFA-1.2 NATURAL ALUMINIUM

Line and Phono Input from -6dB to +18dB
CD Input from -12dB to +12dB
Volume Display either Bars or Numbers
Remote Control Crayon Standard or Bent Audio available
Balance, Bass and Treble of the Setup can be adjusted.

Our units are available in standard aluminium or timeless elegant black.

Case made of massive milled aluminium parts
Speaker Output 2×90 Watts / 4 Ohms
(2×64 Watts / 8 Ohms)
3 Line Inputs, 1 Phono Input, 1 Record Output, 1 controlled Output
Ergonomic Remote Control
Lamellar Heatsink Design for optimal cooling characteristics
Input Amplification adjustable
Phono Input for MC / MM
Loudness: on/off
Loudness Starting Points adjustable to Speaker Efficiency
LCD Volume Display, either dB Value or Bar Display
Remote Control: „Crayon RC5“ or „Bent Audio Remote“

Fabricante: Crayon Audio
PDF: Descargar