Crayon CIA-1

2800 €

Amplificador Integrado de Referencia

Crayon CIA-1 con fono MM/MC V3.0: 3.600€

Puristic, clear, stripped to the essentials and featuring outstanding elegance, the CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM shines thanks to well rounded combination of high quality insides and beautiful appearance.

The CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM is a stereo amplifier with a high quality aluminium body, with a baseplate that doubles as a heatsink.

The CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM features LED indicators to display channels and MM/MC switching while completely renouncing display or menu. The chosen channels are indicated by illuminated LED´s, which also show the on/off sequences. The LED labeled MC indicates Moving Coil (LED on) or Moving Magnet (LED off) operation.

The interior of the CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM: complex and cunning.

The position of the poti indicates the volume. Everything apart from volume and channel selection (and MC/MM switching) has been stripped. Channels can be selected using a touch key or the remote control. Volume is adjusted using a motor-potentiometer by ALPS, with 2 variations to choose: linear or logarithmic. Logarithmic potentiometers have the advantage of a more homogenic volume behaviour across all volume levels. They are to be favoured when using speakers with high efficiency (>92dB/W/m) since low volumes can be tricky to adjust using linear potentiometers in combination with loud speakers.
Channel switching is done using CMOS-switches featuring circuit design found in professional studio equipment and ensures great stopband attenuation.

Simplicity in perfection: everything you need

The amplifiers standard output are 2x 90 Watt/4 Ohms. It also comes with a ergonomic, user friendly remote.

Since the CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM is designed using the newest standards, digital/analogue crosstalk is as low as physically possible and virtually non-existent.

All inputs feature current compensated inductors which dampen symmetric HF-signals ranging from 1MHz to >300MHz without influencing the input signal while decoupling the RCA-jacks ground-contacts.

The CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM: a converter within tonal worlds, full of warmth, precision and control.

A special feature is the chance to choose between four line inputs or three line inputs plus a phono preamp.

Our units are available in standard aluminium or timeless elegant black.

High Quality Aluminium Casing
Speaker Output 78 Watt / 8 Ohms , 105 Watt / 4 Ohms (Peak 122 Watt / 4 Ohm)
4 Line Inputs or 3 Line Inputs plus 1 Phono Input
1 Record and 1 regulated Output
Ergonomic Remote Control,
Baseplate doubles as Heatsink
LED Indicators for On/Off Status, Volume, Channel, Standby Button, no Menu.

Fabricante: Crayon Audio
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