Crayon CIA-1T

5600 €

Reference Quality Integrated Amplifier

Si tu presupuesto no permite llegar al integrado de Ypsilon, este es, sin lugar a dudas, la mejor opción. ¡Sorprendente!

Si necesitas una entrada de fono, existe la opción de fono MM/MC. La calidad de este previo de fono es comparable con los mejores fonos independientes de 5 a 6.000€. El CIA-1T con fono tiene un P.V.P. de 6.700€

The CIA-1 T NATURAL ALUMINIUM: Puristic, clear, stripped to the essentials and featuring outstanding elegance, a category of its own.

The CIA-1 T NATURAL ALUMINIUM hardly differs from the CIA-1, at least on the outside – apart from the bigger heatsink, WBT loudspeaker terminals and milled lettering.

The CIA-1 T NATURAL ALUMINIUM: Special on the inside

The CIA-1 T NATURAL ALUMINIUM features a more powerful power adaptor, thus enabling it to much higher output (2 x 180 Watts/4 Ohm), with wiring of 99.99% silver in combination with expensive high-end semiconductor components. Display and menu have been omitted in favor of LED indicators for channel and MM/MC switching.

The chosen channels are indicated by illuminated LED´s, which also show the on/off sequences. The LED labeled MC indicates Moving Coil (LED on) or Moving Magnet (LED off) operation.
The position of the Poti indicates the volume. Everything apart from volume and channel selection (and MC/MM switching) has been stripped. Channels can be selected using a touch key or the remote control. Volume is adjusted using a motor-potentiometer by ALPS.

Channel switching is done using CMOS-switches featuring circuit design found in professional studio equipment and ensures great stopband attenuation.

Complexity meets simplicity

All inputs feature current compensated inductors which dampen symmetric HF-signals ranging from 1MHz to >300MHz without influencing the input signal while decoupling the RCA-jacks ground-contacts.

The power-phase rotator for the bridge output stage as well as the output stage itself are C-Current feedback designed – a technology used in extremly fast amplifiers.

A converter between worlds of sound

The CIA-1 T NATURAL ALUMINIUM delivers a wider spectrum, higher spatial resolution and more musical nuances, considerably more power plus all other advantages of the CIA-1 T NATURAL ALUMINIUM. In combination with its slim, smart body design it ensures fun and pleasure while listening.A special feature is the chance to choose between four line inputs or three line inputs plus a phono preamp.

Our units are available in standard aluminium or timeless elegant black.

High quality aluminium casing
Speaker output 2 x 180 Watt / 4 Ohm (2 x 118 Watt / 8 Ohm)
4 Line inputs or 3 line inputs plus 1 phono input
1 Record and 1 regulated output
ergonomic remote control
Baseplate doubles as heatsink
LED indicators for On/Off status, volume, channel, standby button, no menu.

Fabricante: Crayon Audio
PDF: Descargar