Trilogy 909 (azul)

5950 € 1290 €

Preamplificador de Linea (Válvulas)

The 909 is a rare combination of a totally transparent valve audio preamplifier with incredible control versatility, a hub for existing and future Trilogy Audio Systems products.

The 909 carries a wealth of control features that tailors your system management completely to your needs. Each parameter is set via a simple interface that remains user friendly at all times. Custom labels and gain trims for each input, timed system switch on via TASlink, and remote operation are just some of the many options available to personalise your system.

Audio performance is designed to be without compromise. All internal communication to the audio boards is via QuietBus. This proprietary Trilogy technology uses light to transmit information and thus frees the gain stage from all external EMI influence. The carefully designed audio circuitry delivers a musical vista free from edge or artifice, which is faithful in every respect. Unconstrained by the limitations of the derivative and ordinary, the music will be a revelation: truly free to connect with you as it was always intended.

Standard finish is a soft, finely bead blasted natural aluminum. You can also choose one of our five lustrous paint finishes at extra cost, or take advantage of the Chameleon Colour System which opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities.

A minimal signal path is a feature key to the 909's outstanding performance. Up to six incoming sources are switched via instrumentation grade relays within millimetres of the rear panel connectors. Two separately selectable auxiliary loops are provided.

Signal attenuation is achieved by a relay switched stepped shunt attenuator. This uses precision discrete resistor arrays switched by ultra low magnetic interaction relays from Pickering, thus avoiding the sonic compromises of conventional potentiometers. The volume control is beautifully weighted for precise control in 0.5dB steps.

All signal control is via QuietBus. Information to the audio boards from the dual microcontrollers is light coupled through separately screened sections of the chassis. All logic on the audio board is inactive, except when commands are actually taking place. This achieves complete physical and electrical isolation between the high noise world of digital signal processing and the crucial audio circuitry.

New for 2011 is a completely new zero feedback gain stage employing the 6H6? super tube for voltage gain. This Russian military triode has high transconductance and low mu for exceptional performance at audio frequencies. The grounded grid configuration allows the tube to operate with the highest linearity and the lowest distortion. A cathode follower keeps output impedance low for excellent drive capability.

The circuit is split and folded around a 0.6kg billet of aluminum. The regulator and audio boards either side can then be made physically smaller, keeping the signal path shorter and suppressing resonances through superior mechanical integrity. The regulator also benefits from a stable thermal sink for its output devices. Power from the regulator passes through the billet itself via short links, keeping the two sections tightly coupled, but fully screened from one another.


The finest components available are used throughout. DC coupling is via Mundorf film foil and custom Trilogy polystyrene capacitors, both mounted on a damping element to keep microphony to a minimum. Precision resistors are from Welwyn. Silver gold alloy solder is used for the signal path.

The flowing, musical presentation of the 909 is substantially improved with this new gain stage. Both frequency extremes benefit from greater resolution and the noise floor is lowered. Both large scale dynamic contrasts and the subtle harmonic and spatial details that make magic in music are further revealed. This revision is retrofittable for existing customers via thier authorised Trilogy dealer.

Size  424*428*99 (W*D*H)
 Size including connectors  424*446*99 (W*D*H)
 Packaged Size  590*610*250 (W*D*H)
 Weight  7.5 Kg
 Packaged Weight  10 Kg
 Standby Power Consumption  4 Watts
 Maximum Power consumption  35 Watts
 Inputs  6 RCA phono sockets
 Input Impedance  Greater than 50KOhms
 Main Outputs  2 RCA phono sockets
 Send (Tape) Outputs  2 RCA phono sockets
 Output impedance (Main)  1K5 Ohms
 Frequency response 10Hz-30KHz +/- 0.5dB
 Gain (Inputs to Send outputs)  0dB
 Gain (Inputs to Main outputs)  26dB +/- 1dB
 Film Gain (Inputs to Main outputs)  0dB +/- 1dB
 Distortion  Less than 0.1% A weighted at 1V output
 Phase  Phase correct (non inverting)
Fabricante: Trilogy