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Cápsula de Bobina Móvil (MC)

I have just started to listen to the JSD-6 and I have to say I am shocked!

Even after just a few minutes of warming up, the JSD-6 clearly shows you how limited nearly every other cartridge is in communicating the music to you. The first thing that surprised me was it's musical silence. I have to say that it is at least as good as the best I know.

This black background allows you to enter into un unknown world of subtlety and detail.

Of course all this detail and information is of no use if it is not presented in a coherent manner and the JSD-6 excels here as well. Timing and phase are so precise, your ear / brain has so much more time to process all the new music you can now hear.

Another thing I have found is the JSD-6s ability to track the inner grooves in a way that most catridges only do in the outer grooves!

Acceleration and breaking are similar to a fine sports car. Most other cartridges are in the Fiat Panda class or even possibly worse (ie: a tractor).

All in all, this is a wonderful experience for my ears and also for my heart and soul.

Many thanks to  EMT for opening my ears to this unknown paradise.

Cliff Orman (Cosmos Hi-Fi)


Stylus and cantilever

Diamond on Bor 


Tip version  JSD 5

                  JSD 6

Gyger S

Super Fineline


Tracking force




2 x 20 Ohm aprox.


Output level at 1kHz

(for 5cm/s rms recorded velocity)

2 x 1 mV, +/-2dB


Frequency response

20 to 30’000 Hz






gold plated pins



11 g  aprox.


Recommended load

=/> 100 Ohm


Recom. mass (arm incl. cart)

>15 g up to 35 g

PDF: Descargar