Acrolink 7N P4040F

90 €

Cable de red para instalaciones fijas


Excelente cable para instalaciones fijas desde el cuadro de luz hasta el equipo


Outer diameter: 12.0φmm
Conductor: Hot / Cold: 7N Cu DUCC Stressfree 2.0φ ultra soft copper single wire (black and white)
Ground: 4N5 ultra-annealed copper wire single line 2.0φ (green)
Insulator: Eco-system polyethylene resin
Through Jae: polypropylene resin
Shield: copper foil tape
Outer sheath: Eco-system polyethylene resin
Conductor resistance: 4mΩ / m
Capacitance: 26pF / m
Made in Japan


Fe Ni Si Al
0.03 0.003 0.04 0.005
S Ag Na K
0.05 0.04 0.004 Less than 0.005
U Th H O
Less than 0.0002 Less than 0.0003 Less than 0.03 Less than 1


Even though the "power cable", not the up audio equipment from the power outlet, the other one, you may have a power cable. This is the house wiring for power cables so-called F (Flat) cable. New product 7N-P4040F uses the core wire (hot, cold) of single line specification with high quality and high purity high-end material of only acro link 2.0φmm to 7N Cu DUCC Stressfree, unstintingly unrivaled high-quality material was. Adopt high-quality polyethylene resin in the insulating body of the core wire. Further independent is a 3-core structure by adding ground dedicated line (2.0φmm single line) was, minimization structurally-noise characteristics by by properly. After forming the intervention of polypropylene, blocking external noise pickup wound copper foil tape as a shield layer. Adopt a polyethylene resin to the outermost of the outer sheath.

Selection without compromising to each layer of each material, it uses. In addition to the advanced power supply capacity of the conductor itself, dramatic improvement in SN ratio is achieved purer signal transmission. The sound, massive like shakes the earth is in the low range, sense of pitch was double bass and timpani each of clearly, and sense of speed. Male voice of depth in the mid-range, Karen of the female voice, groove feeling like dancing piano of one sound one sound, resolution of up to cool in the high-frequency and reverberation component that flying in the sky,. The balance of these sounds can be achieved at a high level, and pull out the potential of audio components to the limit. Also in handling during installation such as AC wiring making it the correspondence of excellent cable. Also, if possible wiring environment, it can also be used as a single wire speaker cable.

7N DUCC Cu: In Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper is high-purity copper conductor for audio cable according to Corporation development Mitsubishi Cable Industries, grain General not significantly grow to several tens of times more pure copper to, and align the direction of the crystal lattice it is the material. Crystal grains as fewer grain boundaries (crystal and boundary surface of the crystal) is large, but the benefits of on the sound quality is greater, there was a there is a direction of need this also align the metal of the crystal. Its direction by analyzing behavior by X-ray irradiation can be observed, but equipped bus, wire drawing step, the "best direction for transmission of the audio signal" by optimizing the production process, such as annealing (annealing) I extremely excellent wire was completed.

Fabricante: Acrolink
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