Vibex Granada

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Filtro de Corriente Continua Dual

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The Granada is the culmination of over 15 years of investigation into power filtering and energy control systems.

We sincerely believe that the Granada is a major step forward in power distribution for high end audio and video systems.

All equipment is very susceptible to D.C. on the mains.  Even source components with very small transformers are negatively affected by D.C. Needless to say big mains transformers suffer the most. These are found in the majority of integrated and power amplifiers. Switch mode power supplies also suffer when D.C. is present.

Even small amounts of D.C. seriously reduce the efficiency of an equipment’s power supply. This reduces dynamics, silence and information in a system. Most transformers will produce hum when D.C. is present. Even if you can’t hear any hum coming from a piece of equipment, this is no guarantee that D.C. is not present on your mains power supply.

Removing D.C. efficiently from your system is probably one of the largest improvements in quality that you can achieve. All components in your system will take a large step forward in quality. The difference when the Granada is in your system is far from subtle!

The Granada is not just a D.C. filter, but also incorporates a very advanced energy control and dissipation system. The Granada’s chassis is machined from solid pieces of Krion, a solid surface with excellent properties. This material has proven to be far superior to a solid aluminium chassis or any other metal case. The Granada employs individual damping for every component. This allows us to damp and control energy and avoid cross contamination to other components in the system. The Granada uses the latest high tech elastomers to dissipate residual mechanical energy caused by the mains power itself and vibration received through the air and the mains cables that supply the equipment. All this energy control helps to create the silence that is paramount for a system to work at maximum efficiency.

All components within the Granada are selected by ear for optimum quality. Precision laboratory equipment is far from adequate for component selection. Every Granada is measured after its initial running-in period to confirm that it complies to our specifications and then we listen to it in our reference system before sending it to the customer.

Input socket: Oyaide IEC320 with Palladium over Platinum plated contacts.

8 x Outputs sockets: Vibex 2.0 micron Rhodium plated contacts

Maximum Power Consumption: 10 Amperes @ 230V. / 15 Amperes @ 115V. (limited by IEC320 input socket)

Internal wiring: 20 Ampere OFC copper with PTFE sheathing.

Non- conductive and non-magnetic Krion chassis.

No metal screws are used in the construction of the Granada.

Running-in Time

The Granada is run-in for a period of 96 hours at the factory before shipping. Maximum quality will be reached after about 500 hours use.


5 Years from date of purchase. Transferable.


The Granada can be connected to the mains permanently. However, we do recommend that you completely turn off and disconnect your system every 10 – 14 days. This includes the Granada, which should be unplugged from the wall socket and left for an hour or so before being reconnected to the mains power. This process ensures that your system dissipates waste energy that builds up within every component.

Fabricante: Vibex