Crayon CCC-1T


Cable de interconexión.

+ Thickness: 9 mm
+ Black polyester protective cover
+ RCA plug with hollow pins
+ WBT plug
+ CCC-1T-10: Length 1 m
+ On Order: CCC-1T-15: Length 1.5 m


Sophisticated high-end cables from Crayon Audio.
Our requirements:
Clear, broadband sound without attenuation nor resonance increase in audible frequency range, in perfect harmony with our Crayon amplifiers creating a unique listening experience.

These requirements led to intensive research and study of the skin effect, the proximity effect and also the energy transport that occurs outside the conductor.
With the skin effect, current is displaced to the edges of the conductor as the frequency increases.
With the proximity effect, the displacement by adjacent conductors becomes asymmetric and the electromagnetic field around the conductor, where the actual energy transport takes place, also penetrates a little into the conductor and impedes the current at the conductor surface, which has been driven there by the skin effect.
These effects tend to become more significant as the frequency increases.

In addition to the microphonics and other important parameters, it was therefore important to specifically consider these phenomena and especially their interactions with each other when developing our cables in order to create a comprehensive sound experience.




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