Ediscreation Haydn Music Server 1TB


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Key highlights of the technical design:

  • Top quality 6061 solid Aluminum to CNC chassis to reduce mechanical vibration and better EMI isolation.
  • Discrete Circuit Low noise Linear Supply with 150W Toroidal Transformers,
  • Bybee Quantum Purifier is the Spirit of power supply,
    it operate on the quantum mechanical level to regulate the flow of electrons that make up the signal.
    Current flow within the Quantum Purifier is unimpeded and ideal.
    During transit through the Quantum Purifier, quantum noise energy is stripped off the electrons,
    streamlining their flow through ensuing conductors.
    Unwanted quantum noise energy dissipates as heat within the Quantum Purifier rather than emerging as a layer of contamination.
  • Fanless cooling system no mechanical vibration completely silent.
  • Intel processing unit for quality upsample to DSD512.
  • 8G DDR4 RAM
  • Intel I5 CPU
  • Build in Top quality CD rip function with ultra-low vibration.
  • Audio grade quality UPOCC internal cable, for pure power connection.
  • Audio ground connection design for connected any Ground enhancement items for performance upgrade.
  • 1T works with SSD memory for the best performance
  • Support external USB storage devices or network NAS.
  • support DoP (DSD over PCM)
  • support the loss free streaming service TIDAL, Qobuz
  • Roon music player (ready)
  • Support Roon Bridge to combine 2 set Bach music server for Extremely listen performance
  • Painless remote customer service 2yr
  • Size L265 x D273 xH96

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2TB, 4TB, 8TB




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